How is investment different than membership?
Investment is a true partnership where businesses and organizations invest not only dollars but also expertise and talent into the mission work of our organization. The dividends of your investment will be paid in the form of a better community for all, and we will regularly measure and report our progress on the community-wide issues we tackle. Investment also gives you the opportunity to self-select your monetary support of the Chamber with minimal limitations. And, you will still have access to traditional programs and services offered through Business Services.

Are there exclusive events or opportunities for investors?
Investors will enjoy exclusive or first-in opportunities for attendance and sponsorship at impact events, including: Consortia, Prosperity Indicator Issue Conversations, Issues Briefings, Action Alerts/Votervoice, Wake Up to the Issues Forum, Legislative Issues Forum, State of the County, Economic Forecast Breakfast and Annual Dinner.

How can my employees take advantage of the new model? Are all employees investors?
Similar to what you’ve experienced in the past with membership, all of your employees have the opportunity to be engaged under the new investment model. We encourage all employees at every level of your business or organization to explore ways to get involved.

Is investment in addition to membership?
The new investor model replaces membership as you have previously known it and your investment is annual.

What does the Charter Investor designation mean?
Charter Investors are those who believe in the future direction of the Chamber and want to support the organizational transition through first-in commitment. Charter designation will last in perpetuity of continuous support and will be promoted with a special icon and other recognition.

What if I already paid my dues but would like to convert?
That’s great! We will issue you a new invoice in the amount of your selected investment. Once we receive that payment, we will mail you a check in a pro-rated amount based on what you have already paid and when you paid it.

Is there a minimum investment required?
The entry level investment is $500 which affords recognition as a Catalyst 1 Investor. Current members are invited to invest no lower than one level below their current dues rate.

What are the differences between the levels within tiers?
With this new structure, you gain the opportunity to self-select what you think is the appropriate level of giving for your company. We will thank you for your 2017 investment with a voucher in the amount of 10% of your investment.

How can I use my voucher?
Your voucher may be used for any Chamber event, program or resource, as well as for sponsorship or advertising. The voucher expires one year from its issue month.

What is the annual cost after the initial investment?
Each year, you will be invoiced at your investment amount from the previous year. You will continue to have the opportunity to self-select your tier and level with minimal limitations.